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41 Reasons to Love the GAA

posted 2 Aug 2011, 13:13 by Glenealy Hurling   [ updated 8 Sep 2011, 10:08 ]

41 Reasons To Love The GAA

Some of the things that keep us involved with the GAA (and especially Hurling)!

1 .There’s no offside rule!

2. The banter between Séamie ‘Nail’  and Tom Coady                                                                                                                      

3. Sideline cuts, high catches, and 65s.

4. There is no piece of sporting equipment available anywhere that is as lovely as a well crafted hurley.

5. GAA nicknames are better: Rubber Ball, Ginnet, Coco - to name a few!                                                                                              Soccer players just add a Y to each others  surnames.

6. Glenealy vs Carnew  is a real local derby. What does Liverpool vs Everton mean to Martin Škrtel or Diniyar Bilyaletdinov?

7.  You always remember what County your Irish teacher came from.

8.  You can't play a defensive game of  hurling.

9.  Gaelic Games are harder to play. Niall Quinn and Kevin Moran got out and went to soccer. You never see anyone coming   the other direction.

10. GAA players run faster, hit harder and last longer. Nobody acts like a grenade just went off if they get tripped.

11. The GAA is about where you're from. Soccer is mainly about who you like.

12. A scoreless draw in GAA would be quite a novelty.

13. Old soccer players get testimonials, old GAA players just slip down to junior C

14. GAA fans never have time for the Mexican wave

15. Doubling on an overhead sliotar is a more beautiful thing than volleying a soccer ball.

16. There are always two men in white coats behind each goal at GAA games.                                                                              

17.  Only in the GAA could the full forward have his son and grandnephew  in the corners                                                             

18. The grand nephew is two years older

19. Nobody sings "You'll never beat the Irish" at GAA games.

20. The club treasurer spends some time at the AGM  lamenting the yearly cost of running a club and especially the bill for      hurls; a month later, the team is being urged to "give 'em timber lads - we have plenty of hurls on the sideline..."                

21. Only in the GAA will you hear phrases like: A Shamozzle - a group of players skelpin' one another but not exactly hittin'       anyone at the same time! 

22.  Flags outside houses near championship time   

23. The stories about players from a bygone age                                                                                                                         

24. On any one summer Sunday more people would attend club and county fixtures across the country than would attend         soccer and rugby combined all year long.                                                                                                                                        

25. Old chaps with transistor radios who are always more interested in the radio telling you about some other match.              

26. Ringing up people you haven't spoke to in 12 months telling them to keep you in mind for a ticket, then getting a complete  shock when they come up with the goods. Then telling everyone that asks you for a ticket to 'f*ck off - don't you  know  how hard it is to get tickets'. 

27.  Those days when you’re playing out of your skin and you can do no wrong, you just know before the keeper pucks the ball out, you’re going to catch it 

28. Championship hurling on a warm summers evening, the hard sod, ground hurling and the roar of  the crowd. 

29. Interviews with the players on The Sunday Game and you hear the real accents of the places they come from. 

30.  The one line comment from some wit in the crowd that gets both sets of supporters laughing and cheering. 

31  The last bars of Amhrán na bhFiann lost in the mighty roar 

32.  Young lads playing their own championship behind the goals at the county final                                                   

33. The anticipation of the first club challenge match of the year 

34.  You shake hands with the guy you're marking before the match, then proceed to knock seven shades of shite out of him          and abuse him for 60 minutes, and shake hands with him again after. 

35  Gives you sense of identity were you come from, something you will have 'till the day you die 

36. The pure heart and love for the game that makes a lad want to die going for the ball as opposed to the pros in soccer that  show no emotion. 

37. The Wicklow People supplements in the week of a big match 

38. The consolation that no matter how bad things go - there's always next year

39. Wearing your county jersey because you love it, not because it is a fashion item 

40.  Hearing people in the crowd going on about will so-and-so start? I heard he's on the beer, I heard he's too busy chasing    skirt to be bothered his arse training etc. giving out about him for the whole  game and then he ends up being the hero by        scoring the last minute winner and they turn around and say I knew he'd do it, what did I tell ye?                                              

41.  As Liam Griffin, the former Wexford hurling manager and amateur poet, once described it:

                                     "Hurling is the Riverdance of sport."

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